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The 3 most Attractive Districts to Invest in Istanbul

Amortization Periods of Residential Properties in Istanbul
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The price balance between the residences for sale and the rental houses was 15 years. And now it has doubled in some districts

Real Estate Sells Eventually, What about Investment Conditions?

Among the districts of Istanbul, Beyoglu is the most attractive district in terms of return of investment period and Bakirkoy has the longest period.

Calculated by Rental Rate

One of the most important data for those who want to invest in housing is the return on housing investment period, and the amortization period.

For the return period of the house investment, it’s calculated that; in how many years the sales price can be recovered with the annual rental value.

Hundreds of projects are rapidly rising across Istanbul, while the price range for sale in Turkey is 200 thousand TL and it is over 1 million TL. On the rental side, it starts from 800 TL to 4 thousand TL band. When a 1 million TL house is rented for 4 thousand TL monthly, the rental rate and return time are calculated as 20 years.

The most Attractive Districts to Invest in Istanbul

Looking at the average prices and rent income of a 100 m2 apartment in 32 districts of Istanbul, Beyoglu became the most attractive district with 14 years of return of investment. Beyoglu is followed by Eyupsultan with 15 years and Esenyurt with 16 years.

Istiklal Street, Istanbul Beyoğlu
Istiklal Street, Istanbul Beyoglu

32 Years in Bakirkoy

There is only one district that has doubled the return of investment period. The average rental income of 950 thousand TL worth in an average of 100 m2 apartment in Bakırköy, is expressed as 2 thousand 500 TL. This represents 32 years for the return to the amortization formula. Again with 28 years Beykoz, with 27 years Kadikoy and Adalar, 26 years with Besiktas, followes Bakirkoy with the highest return period.


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