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The Address of Arab Tourists in Turkey

Trabzon Yomra
Nova Property

One of the first addresses of the citizens of the Gulf states in Turkey is Trabzon, where the biggest share from the sales of real estate in the recent years, has gone to the district of Yomra

The district, which is 17 kilometers from the city center, and has a population of 35 thousand, is just 7 kilometers from the airport, as well as being in a central location for the shopping centers and hotels.

Yomra, which plays host to a large part of the Arab tourists, due to the 5 star hotels in the district, has also been offering apartment alternatives at different levels of luxury and prices, to the tourists who like the city and wish to buy residential properties, in recent years. The apartments, which are being presented for sale at prices ranging from 170 thousand to 650 thousand Liras, in the center of the district, are being offered to the tourists from the Gulf states – in particular the Arabs.


Close to 5 thousand residential properties have been built in 5 years

Also there were intensive sales of residential properties and real estate in the district. The intensity in residential property sales had been continuing for the last 5 years.

The Arabs also have acquired a serious amount of property in the district. The construction sector within the district was continuing to grow with every passing day. Close to 5 thousand residential properties had been built in the region in the last 5 years, and almost %10 of these had been bought by Arab tourists.

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