The Average Housing Prices Increased %15

The average of housing square meter sales prices in Turkey has risen %15  in the last year. Prices increased to 2.193 TRY.

The results of the report are as follows:

In Turkey, the average size of houses is measured as 125 square meters, the average residential sales price per house is measured as 274 125, the average sales price is measured as 2,193 per square meter.

While the province with the highest average sales price per square meter is Muğla with 4 thousand 695 TL / M2, this city is followed by Istanbul with 4 thousand 422 TL / M2, İzmir with 3.000 TL / M2, Çanakkale with 2.455 TL / M2 and Balıkesir with 2.394 TL / M2.

In the last 12 months the average selling price of housing in Turkey increased by %15, and when the last 4 years was taken into consideration increased by %33 on average.

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