The Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait Has Come to Turkey

BBK (the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait), the leading bank of Bahrain in individual and commercial banking, has opened its first representative branch in Turkey, in Istanbul, the center of commerce and finance.

Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait logoThe new branch will take on priority roles such as establishing a close relationship with the existing and potential customers of the bank in Turkey, monitoring the developments in the local market and establishing direct contact with the competent Turkish authorities.

While assessing this step, Reyadh Sater, the CEO of BBK, stated that one of the leading strategies of BBK was international expansion and diversification, and said, “As a commercial business partner of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries, Turkey is a market, which is too big and which possesses too high an importance for us to be able to overlook it. At the same time, it is a key country of our expansion strategy. Our branch is being established in line with the expansion strategy determined by our Board of Directors, and is also the first step of the numerous developments we are planning in the coming period. Thanks to this branch, we will be able to establish closer relationships with our clients, the financial institutions and the companies which have commercial Bank of Bahrain and Kuwaitrelationships with India, as well as with Bahrain and the GCC countries. This step is also very important in terms of deepening the commercial relationships between the two countries, and as a result of it, we will also be able to assist the companies from Bahrain who wish to establish a commercial relationship with Turkey and to invest.”

Sater stated that they valued their relationships in Turkey and that they would continue to provide better services and meet the expectations in the coming period, in line with the needs of the GCC countries and of Turkey.

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