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Batışehir | The Biggest Mixed Construction Project of Europe

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Batışehirİnanç Kabadayı, CEO of EgeYapı Group,  said at a press meeting that Batışehir has drawn the attention of consumers who were attracted by its location, architectural concept and the fact that it gathers all the requirements under a roof with convenient payment conditions”.
Kabadayı added, “We sold the 70% of a total of 1020 housing in the first stage. While our sales of the first stage continue, we begin the sales of the second stage as of today. Our second stage consists of 903 housing in 14 different types from 1+0 to 4+1 as our first stage. The square meter sales price of the housing in this stage starts from 2.450 TL. Those who come to buy housing acting early will have a chance to posses the properties they desire.” İnanç Kabadayı stated that they expected the project would return 100% by the time it is completed.

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