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The Giant Projects of Istanbul

Turkey giant transport projects
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Kadir Topbaş, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul, gave information concerning the treacherous coup attempt of 15 July and the projects

Kadir Topbaş, the Mayor of Istanbul
Kadir Topbaş, the Mayor of Istanbul

10 billion dollars worth of projects

Topbaş, who announced the good news that they would be holding tenders for 7 new metro lines from 4 August, as the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul, said, “They will be followed by 23 kilometer long new highway tunnels, going all the way to Büyükçekmece. These are projects worth 10 billion dollars in total. The investments will continue. We want to use the underground more so that traffic eases up. We are self-sufficient. We will not stop – we will do many more projects yet. We will become even stronger.”

Art gallery

Topbaş, who emphasized that Istanbul houses numerous historic artifacts in its deep history dating back 8 thousand 500 years, said that there was an Artillery Barracks on Taksim Square during the Ottoman period, and that as an architect, he could not accept prejudiced stances. Topbaş, who stated that they would be building the Taksim Artillery Barracks, said, “Think about cafeteria looking towards the inside and the outside, underneath the art gallery. It can be an art gallery, where people can come and sit there at the cafes until the late hours – like the Champs-Elysées. The project work on this is continuing. It will have a car park beneath it as well. There were committee decisions on this. The court rulings have also clarified now that it can be done. Our President has also said that it would be right for this work of art to be built. Its function will be to serve the culture of the city.”

An opera building for Taksim

Ataturk Cultural Center
Ataturk Cultural Center

Topbaş stated that everything had been built together at the Taksim AKM (Ataturk Cultural Center), and that this was wrong, and said, “We are providing both concerts and opera here. There are also meetings being held. In actual fact, opera is something different. It needs to be appropriate to its own tone and acoustics. Our President is saying it. An opera building, with a nice project by our architects, needs to be brought to life there, by adding the car park belonging to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. It has been standing like that for years. There was also opposition to the Muhsin Ertuğrul Theater. We built that, and it is currently serving as a perfect theater hall.”

Big investment for Kabataş

Kabatas Marti Seagull project
Kabatas Marti Seagull projecttaksim

Topbaş stated that traffic would be taken underground with the Kabataş square project, thus eliminating the chaos that is present there, and said that the traffic from the sea would be directed to the Mahmutbey metro – the construction of which is continuing – and the existing funicular and tramway lines. Topbaş also stated that the Pedestrian Tunnel to be built between Üsküdar – Kabataş would be integrated here, and said, “There will be a beautiful square above ground. It will be an important distribution point with the renovated piers. The road traffic will flow below the ground, ensuring people are not poisoned by exhaust gas.”

Electricity powered buses are coming

Kadir Topbaş also referred to a new transport project in his speech, announcing that electricity powered buses would be running in the Historic Peninsula. Topbaş stated that they were planning to clear this region from traffic at certain times of the day, and said, “We will make the historic Peninsula an area where there are mostly electricity powered vehicles. We want this region to be more intensively pedestrian. We are doing this so that there will be cleaner air and more beautiful walking areas.”

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