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The Regions to Gain Value in Istanbul

The Regions to Gain Value in Istanbul

New centers of attraction have emerged in Istanbul, in proportion with the new transport projects. Here are the regions of Istanbul with a high potential for profit.

New centers of attraction have been created in Istanbul, together with the new transport projects.

Incirli, which will be the connection point of the Great Istanbul Tunnel, is situated right in the center of the Airport metro and metrobus line. Incirli, which is the most pure and busiest point of Bakırköy, is also among the deep-seated centers to achieve the highest profits in the coming period with its location opening out to the E-5.

The gold of Kayaşehir: Commercial areas

Kayaşehir, positioned directly behind Başakşehir with its 20 thousand residential property capacity, is at the top of the regions where property movements occur at the speed of the stock exchange. The commercial areas of Kayaşehir are much more valuable than residential properties. That is because the number of commercial areas is low. So much so that, the construction of a commercial area at the junction of the connecting road to Arnavutköy, to be built in the 17th Section, has yet to begin. The number of outlets in the commercial area, which is to be built, is also considerably limited. Therefore, the outlets at the entrance to Kayaşehir and the commercial areas to the front aspect of the projects are seeing a great deal of interest.

Zekeriyaköy, Boyacıköy and Uskumruköy, located on the route of the third bridge, are now completely leaving behind their untouched appearance, away from the city, and becoming one of the new pulsing points. And the most important feature of the region is that it has planning permission for villas rather than mass housing. It is quite difficult to find villas with small square meter sizes in the region. That is because the average sizes of the villas are 280 square meters. Especially due to the Zekeriyaköy exit being very close to Maslak and Sarıyer, land prices, the position of the region and its natural charms are the matters which stand out.

Bahçeşehir and Ispartakule

Ispartakule location carries great importance in Bahçeşehir, which is the most popular A Plus quality mass housing region of Istanbul. Bahçeşehir will go through its real great evolution in 2017 and 2018. That is because the main road at the entrance to Başakşehir has been brought together with Ispartakule, at the exit of the toll booth. Numerous projects are to be built on the large estate which remains in between, and the two regions will become a single, large region following the development of the projects in this middle region. And the metro, which will come to the region in 2017, will cause prices to shoot up.

On the other hand, Edirnekapı and Topkapı, which are among the principal lines of the Great Istanbul Tunnel on the European side, are gaining considerably in value in both commercial and residential properties. The urban transformation activities, which have begun at this center with two roots – the main route of the crossover between the TEM and E-5 Highways – are increasing the value of the region.

New center of attraction

The availability of land – estates suited to projects in Çekmeköy, one of the most valuable mass housing regions of the Anatolian side, is almost non-existent. The price of second hand residential properties in the Madenler region in particular, located on the main route where the metro station is situated, and which has a much more spacious structuring than the center, are showing big increases. For example, a 100 square meter residential property, which was being sold for 230 thousand TL in Madenler, 6 months ago, is now finding buyers at 290 thousand TL. The most important problem in the region is that there are no areas suitable for building.

The stars of Anatolia

The new center of attraction of new projects – both in the commercial and residential sectors – on the Anatolian side, is Samandıra. Samandıra, which has seen a big increase in value due to its connection to Kartal, Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Yakacık on one side, and the road to Şile and Çekmeköy, via Sancaktepe, on the other side, does have untouched points convenient for zoning. Apartment prices, which have risen to 350 thousand TL for 1 beds, are heading for records in terms of sales.

Göztepe, Ünalan neighborhood is on the transit route of the Great Istanbul Tunnel, and will therefore become extremely important. Square meter unit prices in the region at the central point of Göztepe, Üsküdar and Kadıköy, have already risen by 28 percent, to 3 thousand 778 TL, in one year.

As well as residential properties, a high number of large business centers are also starting to be built in this region. Küçüksu – one of the favorite locations of Ümraniye – will also be one of the principal points of the Great Istanbul Tunnel. The square meter prices of the residential properties in this region are 5 thousand 500 TL, while their rate of increase in the last 6 months is 7 percent. The region is one of the points where it will be possible to gain areas through urban transformation and the combining of parcels, as well as its areas, which are suitable for building. It is very clear that prices will rise by at least 25 percent in this region, after the tunnel.

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