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The Roman Paradise of the Famous Businessman

Hotel Aldrovandi Villa Borghese
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Ferit Şahenk - Chairman of Doğuş Group
Ferit Şahenk – Chairman of Doğuş Group

Ferit Şahenk – chairman of Doğuş Group – who had purchased Astir Palace in Greece, has also bought the five star Aldrovandi Palace in the center of Rome for 50 million Euros. Doğuş Group, which is expanding its overseas activities in different areas, is putting its name to new investments in hotel management in Europe, after its yacht – port management operations.

Paid 50 million euros

According to the news of Corriere Della Sera, Doğuş Group, which had purchased the Astir Palace in Greece, the D-Resort Sibenik in Croatia, and the Capri Palace in the Island of Capri, in Italy, has also bought the Aldrovandi Palace in Rome for 50 million Euros.

Hotel Aldrovandi Villa Borghese
Hotel Aldrovandi Villa Borghese

Paradise in Rome

The 5 star hotel in Paroli, which is among the most luxurious districts of Rome, is known as the “Paradise in the middle of Rome”. The Aldrovandi Palace, which has been built from white marble, among the magnificent Borghese gardens, takes its name from Ulisse Aldrovandi, who is known as the first natural historian and the father of geology.

Hotel Aldrovandi

Large number of famous patrons

There is also a botanic garden and a zoo next to the Aldrovandi Palace, which was also used as a monastery for a period. It is known that there are a large number of famous names among the patrons of the hotel.

Close proximity to Rome

The Aldrovandi Palace is also located at close proximity to Parco di Roma, the famous golf course of Rome. The hotel which is comprised of 102 rooms and 19 suites, also contains the spa of La Mer and Ristorante del Giardino, which is known as one of the favorite restaurants in Rome.

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