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The Shopping Mall a Museum Passes Through

Novada outlet otantika museum
Nova Property

Novada outlet otantika museumIn Otantika Ethnography Museum opened in Novada Outlet Soke, Aydin 1.500 – 2.000 pieces of goods belonging to Aegean region including household goods, female – male clothing as well as accessories are on display.

Shopping centers that increase in number each passing day are not only catering to shopping needs anymore, but also developing various methods to satisfy the social and cultural demands of the consumer.

With the first one of Otantika Ethnography Museum established in the beginning of May in Novada Outlet Shopping Center in Soke, Aydin on thousand square meters, the first steps of passing the wealth of the social values to next generations, enhancing the future on the significance of the past, converting shopping from an ordinary day-to-day activity into a lifestyle advanced with culture, entertainment and sport, are being taken.

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