The Target is 500 thousand Units of Social Housing

M.Ergün Turan, the Chairman of TOKI, came together with journalists at MIPIM, and made a statement.

Chairman Turan, who stated that they were happy to be at the organization, said, “When looking at it from both the European perspective and the perspective of other countries, Turkey is currently a prominent value with the investments which are being undertaken.”

60 thousand units of social housing in 2016

Ergün Turan and Murat Kurum Examined the Model of Istanbul Trade Center
Ergün Turan and Murat Kurum Examined the Model of Istanbul Financial Center

Turan, who announced their target of building 60 thousand units of social housing this year, as the Mass Housing Administration, stated that they had held tenders for 11 thousand units of social housing in January and February, and that they would reach 60 thousand by the end of the year. Turan said that they would build 250 thousand additional residential properties between 2016-2019, and 500 thousand between 2016-2024.

Turan said, “We and our affiliated companies are doing what we can to ensure the elevation of our country’s economy and the increase of brand value.”

He said that the Istanbul Commercial Center project had moved on to a different stage as of April, and that within 2-3 years the finance center would come to such a different point that it would not be able to be compared with its competitors.

New Istanbul Airport to Compete at MIPIM2 billion dollar airport project

Turan, who referred to the 3rd airport, for which an investment of around 2 billion dollars is being planned, and other continuing projects not announced here, said, “The Istanbul finance Center project and the 3rd Airport project, which will be brought to life within a few years, are an indicator of the atmosphere of confidence in Turkey.”

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