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TOKI Properties for Syrians

TOKI Properties
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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said that the Syrians could be housed in the vacant properties of TOKI. Erdoğan continued as follows: “I am seriously upset that some politicians are sounding off about citizenship. Would it be right to reject applications for citizenship by a human being – to any country – with an approach of, ‘No, I will not accept you’, in advance?”

A German is becoming Turkish, so why not a Syrian?

Erdoğan, who also referred to the matter of citizenship, said, “Today, a Turk is becoming a German or an American citizen, so why is a similar situation not possible for those who live in our country? In fact, we have been living with these people as friends and comrades and with good relations for many years.”

Our ministries should work on this

President Erdoğan said as follows on the matter of the settlement of the Syrian refugees: “They have emigrated from their countries and come to us for help and taken refuge here. Are we going to force these refugees to live in camps and the basements of apartments which they find empty, for years? You can see that 10-15 of them stay in one extremely overcrowded basement. Instead of this, our relevant ministries and our intelligence service should carry out work on this. The camps, the properties and the people here should be reviewed, and let us settle these Syrians who have come here in certain regions of our country. Indeed, if necessary, TOKI has empty properties. Just as we gave the Meskhetian Turks properties in Erzincan, we can also do the same for these people by implementing a certain zoning and employment policy.”

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