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Toskana Orizzonte | The Address for Single Storey Villa Living

Toskana Orizzonte by Emaar Turkey
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Toskana Orizzonte
Toskana Orizzonte

Istanbul is being introduced to the “Concept of Single Storey Villa Life” at Tuscan Valley. The identity of Toskana (Tuscan), which has been created in Büyükçekmece by merging with the Park Village “single storey life concept”, which is the work of Arıkan Construction, is being re-interpreted with the Tuscan Valley project being developed by Emaar Turkey. Arıkan Construction, which introduced the concept of single storey life to Turkey for the first time in 2013, with the Park Village project, is carrying on its single storey life concept with Toskana Orizzonte Project, in partnership with Emaar Turkey, within Tuscan Valley.

The “single storey life concept”, which was first introduced to Turkey by Arıkan Construction, is coming to life with Toskana Orizzonte, which is being developed by Emaar Turkey within the Tuscan Valley project. The project is being brought to life in partnership by Arıkan Construction and Emaar Turkey, the principal project developer and owner of the land. The total investment value of Toskana Orizzonte is 200 million dollars, and it is bringing a brand new dimension to the modern day villa conception with a design approach molded with the concepts of man, nature and happiness, an approach which is modern, structural and spatial. Its emphasis is on village life, but with a modern identity.

Tuscan Valley, which is established on a 1068 decare single parcel of land within the Valley of Büyülçekmece Lake, is located within close proximity of educational institutions, hospitals, shopping centers, riding clubs, water sports centers, Hezarfen Airport, marinas and alternative transport routes, making it a suitable location for villa living.

Single Storey Between the Earth and the Sky

Habip Arıkan, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Arıkan Construction, the joint developers of the 3rd phase of Tuscan Valley with Emaar Turkey, said as follows concerning the single storey villa concept: “The most important feature which distinguishes Toskana Orizzonte from other real estate projects is the fact that it is single storey. So, what are the advantages of single storey villa living? There is nothing underneath you other than the earth, and nothing above you other than the sky. Just you, your loved ones, the earth and the sky; that is all… At the same time, the tranquility and eternity of the sky and the dynamism and continually regenerating structure of the earth are being brought together at Toskana Orizzonte.”

Arıkan stated that they had merged all of the vision and expertise with Emaar, the leading real estate company in the world, for a beautiful future for Turkey, and said, “The concept of detached villa living we are offering through Toskana Orizzonte is progressing towards becoming a concept, not just in Europe, but throughout the world. One of the most important features of Toskana Orizzonte, which we have brought to life with the slogan, “Single Storey Between the Earth and the Sky”, is the size of the kitchens, which are big enough to allow homeowners to spend all day there. We have designed kitchens whose sizes range from 18 to 51 square meters and houses which can be lived in forever. Another part of the project standing out as much as the kitchens is the extensive gardens, of up to 4000 square meters. With these gardens homeowners will have the privilege of growing whatever food they wish, while children will be able to grow up at one with nature, as we desire.”

Dolce Vita – The Largest Sports and Life Club in Istanbul

Dolce Vita Sports and Life Club
Dolce Vita Sports and Life Club

Dolce Vita Sports and Life Club, which consists of outdoor tennis, squash and padel courts, basketball and volleyball pitches, semi-olympic indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a SPA and beauty center, a kids gym, and walking and jogging tracks, provides its services in an indoor area of 5.400 m2 and outdoor area of 10.500 m2. Dolce Vita, which the residents of Toskana Orizzonte will also be able to benefit from, stands out as the largest sports and life club in Istanbul.

Toskana OrizzonteOlives and vineyard, which are the symbol of plentitude and abundance, and the lush green nature which stretches across the valleys at Toskana, is coming together with the residents of Toskana Orizzonte – which carries the signature of the Architect Mert Yanpal – with all of its magnificence, in Istanbul. The Toskana Shopping Area, which has been designed to meet all of the daily needs, offers a unique common living area, with restaurants, cafeteria, select outlets and natural areas. Toskana Orizzonte, which transports the Mediterranean breezes to Istanbul, is aiming to provide its residents with the longed for village experience – with the village coffee shop, village bakery, village grocer and library to be located there. Toskana Orizzonte, which is 21 km from Atatürk Airport, 4.2 km from the TEM Highway and 6.8 km from the Metrobus Tüyap station, also stands out with its location, the value of which is rising from day to day, and its close proximity to the 3rd ring road, an extension of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and the 3rd airport, which will possess the highest passenger capacity in the world.


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