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Toya Moda 1% Deposit Campaign

Toya Moda 1% Deposit Campaign
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Life is to begin this year at Toya Moda. Toya Moda has started a very advantageous campaign – for only 30 apartments. The last date to be able to own a property at Toya Moda with a 1% deposit / 0.69% credit interest / 0% VAT and as if you are paying rent, is 30 June 2016.

Low deposits, low credit interest rates, installments like rental payments and the privileges brought to life by the Basın Ekspres Road, are all of the features which mean that Toya Moda will ensure you profit both when buying your home and living there. Toya Moda is positioned at the most special location of Basın Ekspres, in the center of life, and with easy access to the mass transport networks and all needs. It is being completed in 6 months, together with the privileges it will add to life.

Toya Moda: New home for the New Year

Those who take the decision to invest today, will be able to see the New Year in, in their new homes, or if they prefer, make their budgets more comfortable with the rental income, with a deposit of only 3,900 TL and 2,950 TL per month installments. Interest rates for bank loans at Toya Moda, which stands out on Basın Ekspres, with its stylish architecture, in keeping with the concept of fashion, range from 0,69 – 0,89%.

Where the advantageous bank loans are used for the purchases, the monthly payments for 1 beds start from 2,950, 2 beds from 4,690 and 3 beds from 6,390 TL.

The campaign is limited to just 30 properties, but will allow you to become a homeowner at Toya Moda with prices inclusive of VAT, and monthly installments ‘as if you are paying rent’. Those who wish to do so, are also able to benefit from the 48 months at “0” interest or 12% discount for cash purchases.

Toya Moda, which is situated at the point where the E-% and TEM Highways meet, on the Basın Ekspres Road, is just 3 minutes from Atatürk airport, 5 minutes from Yeşilköy and Ataköy, and 10 minutes from Bakırköy and the IDO (Hydrofoil) Pier. It will also be possible to reach the planned Ataköy-Basın Ekspres İkitelli Metro by walking.

toya moda garden

Toya Moda, which stands out with its architectural design, offers every apartment owner the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of the open air, with its apartments, all of which contain either balconies or terraces. On top of this, it also offers light and spaciousness all through the day, with its full length windows, reaching from the floor to the ceiling, in its internal areas. Toya Moda also provides private storage areas for every apartment and an indoor car park, and is comprised of a total of 426 apartments from 1 to 3 beds and 28 outlets.

The living areas at Toya Moda have been utilized in the most efficient manner, with the buildings being planned on just a 4 thousand 500 m2 area of land, on a total estate of 21 thousand m2. The home offices within the project have been placed together, in a separate block. The finest of details in the project, from the approach to the common areas to the design of the internal locations, carry the signature of DiceKayek.


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