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Transportation Investments in Istanbul to Surpass 90 Billion

Istanbul Transportation Investments
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Yıldırım, who stated they were putting the largest projects in the world into operation in order to solve the transport problem in Istanbul, said, “As the Ministry we have undertaken almost 17 billion liras worth of investments in Istanbul until today. When the projects which are ongoing under public – private partnership are completed, this figure will surpass 90 billion liras.”

Istanbul Bosphorus

The projects will ease transport in Istanbul

Yıldırım, who stated that they had started to count the days until the opening of the “Eurasia Crossing” project, which is the sister of Marmaray across the Bosphorus, said, “The cost of this project is 1,2 billion dollars. This, together with the Istanbul – Izmit highway and Izmit Gulf Crossing project, will cost a total of 6,3 billion dollars. The cost of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and its connecting roads is 2,5 billion dollars. The cost of the 3rd airport project is 13,1 billion dollars, and the cost of the Haliç Yachting Harbor project is 600 million dollars. All of these are projects which will ease transport in Istanbul, and they have been completed to a great extent.”

Eurasia tunnel to open in December

Minister Yıldırım emphasized that the Izmit Gulf Crossing Bridge will be put into service in April, the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge in August, the Eurasia Crossing in December and the 3rd airport in 2018.

Uninterrupted travel from Gebze to Halkalı

Yıldırım said that when the project for the rehabilitation of the suburban lines, which are the continuation of Marmaray, is completed, Istanbul will have a system similar to the metro, running for a total of 76 kilometers from Gebze to Halkalı. Yıldırım said, “As a result it will be possible to reach Halkalı from Gebze, with an uninterrupted journey, using city transport.”

Canal Istanbul to be completed in 2020

Canal Istanbul Latest News
Canal Istanbul

Yıldırım, who stated that the metro connection project of the new airport had been completed, said that the tender for the construction would be held this year, and that one of the two connection routes to the airport would be from Gayrettepe and the other from Halkalı. Bakan Yıldırım also stated that they were aiming to complete the “Canal Istanbul” project, which is to start in 2016, around 2019-2020.

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