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Turkey has to Lobby Abroad

Turkey has to Lobby Abroad

Speaking at the session entitled “Real Estate: The New Direction of Growth” at the Uludağ Economic Summit, DAP Holding Chairman Ziya Yılmaz said, “We should introduce our country more with its history, culture and natural beauties.”

dap yapi ziya yilmazZiya Yılmaz, who stated that $ 58 billion worth of housing was sold abroad in London, said: “The United States sells $ 144 billion worth of housing. We just arrived at 4.5 billion dollars. There is a very big cake here and we need to manage it very well. We need to manage this subject professionally. In Dubai, they give great importance to foreign residential sales. We unfortunately could not come to this point. We can create a fund for promoting our country abroad and preventing the negative perception created. If we take such a step, it will contribute to the more accurate promotion of Turkey and we can get a share from this cake seriously. It is necessary to make it a national policy.

If the lobbying activities that emphasize Turkey with its historical and natural beauties are done, sales figures of 12-15 billion dollars can be obtained after 3-4 years. This money can be an important resource for urban transformation.

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