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Turkey Real Estate Investments to Continue

Turkey Real Estate Investments to Continue

Representatives of the real estate sector have said that they will continue their investments with the trust they have in the Turkish economy despite the attempted coup.

Haluk Sur, the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Companies (GYODER), stated that the supremacy of law and commitment to the democratic institutions and the rules was at the top of the most important factors in the world and in developing economies, and said that Turkey had crossed the most important intersection of its endeavors to become a democracy – which have neared 150 years – on the night of 15 July and the morning of 16 July.

Sur, who stated that the Turkish people had sustained democracy by being prepared to sacrifice their own lives, said that the participation in the process by people from such wide sections and with such extensive agreement, had been a first in the history of Turkish democracy.

The message of democracy given to the whole world on the night of 15 July

Sur stated that the message of democracy given to the whole world on the night of 15 July, with the support of the people, had minimized the concerns of foreign investors, together with the support of those running the economy, in particular the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.

Expressing that losses to capital had been prevented with the measures taken to avoid a negative impact on the investment environment and the markets by the coup attempt Sur said,

The dark clouds over the economy of the country have been dispersed as a result of these moves, which increase the trust of foreign investors. Thus, an important bend in front of the development of the country and economic growth has been passed with the self-confident attitudes of the worlds of business and finance. As the Turkish business world, we will continue our work to ensure that the endeavors of Turkey to develop continue today and tomorrow, in the same way as yesterday.

“There is nothing to be worried about”

Nazmi Durbakayım, the Chairman of the Istanbul Association of Builders (INDER), stated that the demand in foreign currency, which is high amongst bankers and businessmen as a vehicle of investment in particular, had been restrained due to the confidence felt in the economy, and that the rise in the dollar had remained restricted as a result of this.

Durbakayım, who stated that Borsa Istanbul is a vehicle of investment where there are momentary and sporadic movements, said that there could be falls because of this, but that things would return to normal within a short period of time.

Durbakayım said, “Therefore, we can say that the movements in the vehicles of investment are not worrying. The members of INDER have confidence in the economy of Turkey, and are continuing their investments. Everyone is at work. There have been no worrying telephone calls concerning foreign investors either. They too see at close hand that the economy is reliable. We have not received any questions full of fear.”

As realestatenewsturkey.com, we too strongly condemn the heinous attempt made against the will of Turkey and Turkish people.

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