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Turkey Real Estate Upcoming Projects in 2016

Turkey's upcoming real estate projects
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Sales in the region of 1.5 million in 2016 are starting to be talked about in Turkish real estate sector, which closed 2015 with record sales, despite the stagnancy due to the elections and geopolitical developments. A significant movement is being expected in the sector following the maintaining of the political stability and the actions of those who postponed their investments, in 2016. Under these circumstances, the projects which were put on hold in 2015, will come back off the shelves, one by one.

The regions which come to the fore

Representatives of the sector are preparing to launch more than one project in 2016. Urban transformation projects will gain weight this year, alongside large scale mixed use projects.

New property projects appealing to every section of society will be put into effect with billion lira investments. Kağıthane, Çekmeköy, Kartal, Sancaktepe Başakşehir, Halkalı and Fikirtepe are among the regions which will come to the fore in Istanbul, in 2016.

Anatolia is among the targets too

Representatives of the sector are also planning to open out to Anatolia in 2016. The difficulties in finding land in Istanbul and the zoning problems being experienced in the existing pieces of land, are directing companies towards Anatolia. The name of Gebze – among the regions close to Istanbul – will be heard frequently this year. The completion of the bridge across the Gulf of Kocaeli will create a great potential in the surrounding cities in particular. Gebze, Kocaeli, Bursa, Yalova and Balıkesir will get a significant share from this potential. On the other hand, together with the large cities of Turkey – such as Ankara and Izmir – investments will also gain pace in cities such as Denizli, Gaziantep, Kayseri and Konya.

The most important factor influencing the decision of consumers to buy in 2016 will be interest rates. Property developers, which have lowered the interest rates despite bank rates remaining high, are hoping to increase demand in this way.


Work continues in Gebze and Fikirtepe

DUMANKAYA will present its Fikirtepe project in 2016. The project in Gebze will also be presented in the last quarter of 2016. Uğur Dumankaya, the chairman of the board of directors of Dumankaya Construction, who stated that the work for both projects is continuing, said,

Uğur Dumankaya
Uğur Dumankaya

We will bring to life the most extensive project in Gebze, comprised of 3 thousand 500 homes, on a 142 decare estate, with a 1 billion TL investment. The estate, which is positioned opposite the technology base of Yapı Kredi in Çayırova, is located on the road to the 3rd Bridge, and therefore, is also at an advantageous position in terms of transport. We are planning to release it for sale this year, following the final preparations.


Preparing 4 projects

Following its Batışehir project, EGE YAPI is aiming to bring 4 different projects to life this year. The first of these will be the mixed use real estate project in Kağıthane, and will consist of apartments, luxury residences, commercial units, offices and social facilities. Another project will be the Yedikule project. This project will consist of tourism areas, functions which support tourism and commercial areas. İnanç Kabadayı, the chairman of the board of directors of Ege Yapı, said,

İnanç Kabadayı
İnanç Kabadayı

Our work to develop a total of four different estates on the Anatolian and European sides is continuing. Our main project will be the residential areas with independent gardens and terraces in Çekmeköy. We are aiming to release this real estate project, which we will be developing with Casper, in the first quarter of 2016. We are also continuing our work in the area of urban transformation in Ataşehir and Sarıyer.


The year of giant investments

Altan Elmas, the chairman of the board of directors of Sur Yapı, who stated that 2016 will be a year of investments and launches for Sur Yapı, said,

Altan Elmas
Altan Elmas

We are planning to begin the sales, launch and construction process of 1.844 properties and offices, within a 2.2 billion lira project in total by April 2016. We will begin a total of 6 new real estate projects – two in Sancaktepe, and one each in Topkapı, Koşuyolu, Ümraniye and Sultanbeyli. We are also continuing work on four urban transformation projects – in Beykoz, Ataşehir, Gaziosmanpaşa and Ümraniye.


Two more chains in the series

Süleyman Çetinsaya, the chairman of the board of directors of ARTAŞ, said that 2016 would be much more active when compared to 2015. Çetinsaya, who stated that they will continue their investments in the construction, tourism and retailing sectors in which they operate in an active manner in 2016, said,

Süleyman Çetinsaya
Süleyman Çetinsaya

We will bring to life our Avrupa Konutları Başakşehir and Avrupa Konutları Atakent 4 projects during the year.


Will open out to Anatolia

Nazmi Durbakayım, the chairman of the board of directors of Teknik Yapı, who stated that they are continuing sales in their Metropark project in Halkalı and Concord Istanbul project in Fikirtepe, said,

Nazmi Durbakayım
Nazmi Durbakayım

We will release the 1.500 apartment Denizli and 830 apartment Fikirtepe 3rd Island projects in the first quarter of the year. We are also making preparations for the sales of the Suadiye Coastal Project in Kadıköy and 5 separate boutique projects in Bağdat Caddesi (street).


Ankara is its target

Hüseyin Arslan, the chairman of the board of directors of the YDA Group, said,

Hüseyin Arslan
Hüseyin Arslan

We will have a mixed use project consisting of 336 properties and offices and the Tower project which will be comprised of A Plus offices and street front stores in Söğütözü. We will also have a 4 thousand 500 property and 40 thousand square meter Shopping Center project in Batıkent and 493 property project in Çayyolu Alacaatlı.


1.8 billion lira investment

Ziya Yılmaz, the chairman of the board of directors of DAP Yapı, stated that they had entered 2016 in an ambitious manner, and said,

Ziya Yılmaz
Ziya Yılmaz

We won a tender from Emlak Konut in September. We will develop a magnificent real estate project on the land directly opposite the Validebağ Woods. We are designing a project comprised of two tower blocks in Kartal. We will also complete our Taksim Petek project in 6-7 months. We will have another very special property project in Beykoz. We are planning an investment of approximately 1.8 billion liras for these projects.


Transformation is on the agenda

Ali Dumankaya, the chairman of the board of directors of DKY Construction, which stated that they will begin building their urban transformation projects in 2016, said,

Ali Dumankaya
Ali Dumankaya

We will have a mixed use project consisting of street front stores, properties and offices on Fatih Caddesi, the busiest street in Sultanbeyli. We will build a new housing project in Çeliktepe, just 300 meters from Büyükdere Caddesi. We are preparing for 2016 in strong fashion with 3 separate DKY Cadde projects around Bağdat Caddesi as well as the ‘DKY Ada’ project, which we will build with a family concept with views of the islands in Kartal, the fastest developing region of Istanbul along with the ‘DKY Sahil’ project, with views of the Sea of Marmara and the Islands, on the coastal road.

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