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Turkey Shopping Center 4th Quarter Report

Maptriks shopping center report
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In the Shopping Center Report of Maptriks, a company presenting detailed reports directed at sectors, it was stated that 4 cities in Turkey would get their first shopping center in 2016, while 40 new ones would come to Istanbul in the same year.

Turkey has a lower GLA compared to leading European countries

Shopping-center-elevatorAccording to the data of Maptriks, the number of shopping centers in Turkey was 337 in 2014, and reached 361 in 2015, while the gross leasable area (GLA) rose from 9.723.548 square meters to 10.246.244 square meters. It was also seen in the report that Turkey is behind the leading countries of Europe in terms of the average GLA amount per 1000 people. While the average GLA is 258 square meters in England, 252 square meters in France and 153 square meters in Germany, this amount is just 131 square meters in Turkey.

While it was recorded that the number of shopping centers being planned in Turkey in the years 2015-2016 was 106, it was stated that 37 of these shopping centers would be in Istanbul. The report points out that 40 new shopping centers are being planned in Istanbul by the end of 2016. Istanbul is followed by Izmir with 11, Ankara with 10, Antalya with 8 and Bursa with 6 shopping centers.

4 cities in Turkey to get a shopping center for the first time

The report states that the cities where a shopping center will be opened for the first time in 2015-2016 are Burdur, Çorum, Van and Yozgat. In connection with Istanbul, the report says,

In Istanbul, shopping centers are concentrated around business centers. The newly opening ones are being planned together with residential projects. Dense housing regions create investment projects for new malls.

The report, which also lists the existing shopping center projects in Istanbul based on their GLA sizes, lists Forum Istanbul as the shopping center with the largest leasable area, while this is followed by Mall of Istanbul, Marmara Forum, Vialand and Cevahir. Again, according to the report, there are 93 shopping centers in Istanbul. The district of Şişli is in first place with 9 and is closely followed by Bakırköy with 8.

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