Turkish Citizenship for $1 Million Property Purchase

The new conditions of being a Turkish citizen in the Official Gazette were published. $ 2 million fixed investment, or keeping 3 million dollars in the bank for 3 years will be granted citizenship.

Turkish citizenship shall be granted to foreign nationals who invest at least US $ 2 million in fixed capital, or who buy at least US $ 1 million in property on condition that it is not sold for three years.

turkish citizenship

According to the regulation amending the Implementing Regulation of the Turkish Citizenship Act published yesterday in the Official Gazette, it is also required that at least three million dollars are deposited in banks operating in Turkey for three years or the state borrowing instruments are purchased with the condition that they are held for three years, Turkish citizenship will be granted to foreigners identified.

With the amendment, it was ruled that foreigners who were documented to have employed at least 100 people would also be entitled to receive Turkish citizenship.


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