Turkish Companies Marking on MIPIM 2016

Turkish companies are making a mark on the MIPIM 2016 Exhibition, which the real estate sector waited for with a keen interest.

The participating companies from Turkey, which had previously been selected as an Honorary Country, had become a sponsor to many organizations and evenings.

While numerous new projects were presented to the press at MIPIM last year, the Living Istanbul Model in the tent set up by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, had received big interest in particular. This year the Istanbul tent is 685 square meters in total, and housing a new model of Istanbul measuring 96 square meters.

Living Istanbul Model in the tent set up by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce
Living Istanbul Model in the tent set up by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce

MIPIM 2016, which brings together important investors from numerous countries across the world, started today in the city of Cannes in France. There is great interest in the exhibition to be held between the dates of 15-18 March.

Municipalities Taking Place at MIPIM

According to the MIPIM 2016 list, 22 companies from Turkey having stands while a total of 169 Turkish companies participating in the exhibition this year. BIG, which has been prepared with the support of the Municipality of Beyoğlu, is taking part in MIPIM by collecting together the projects in the region under its umbrella. Many other municipalities have also taken their place at MIPIM. On the other hand, the interest of public organizations in the exhibition is also increasing. While the Istanbul tent is expected to receive big interest, TOKI and Emlak Konut GYO (REIC) are spearheading the Turkish real estate sector in France.

Istanbul Tent had Received Big Interest
Istanbul Tent had Received Big Interest in the First Day of MIPIM

Turkish Minister for the Environment and Urbanization Fatma Güldemet Sarı will also be at MIPIM to make a speech titled “Brand Cities of Turkey and the Construction Sector“.

Furthermore, Istanbul SMD (Istanbul Association of Architects in Private Practice) is demonstrating Turkish design at C14 stand at MIPIM, ICOC tent.

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