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Turkish Contractor Companies Reached 322 Billion US Dollars

Turkish Contractor Companies Reached 322 Billion US Dollars
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The Board of Directors of the Contractors’ Association of Turkey (TMB) have come together with journalists in Ankara. Mithat Yenigün, the president of the TMB, emphasized that the 142 members of the association, which is preparing to celebrate its 64th anniversary, are the locomotives of the Turkish economy.

Mithat Yenigün, the President of the Contractors’ Association of Turkey
Mithat Yenigün, the President of the Contractors’ Association of Turkey

Yenigün said, “The total value of the 8 thousand 662 projects undertaken in 107 countries by Turkish contractor companies, between 1972 and the end of 2015, has reached 322 billion US Dollars.”

Yenigün, who underlined that the construction sector has a dynamic structure, stated that the contraction seen in Russia, Iraq and Libya, which constitute 35 percent of the overseas activities of Turkish contractors, has begun to be overcome with the new agreements which have been entered into with the Sub-Saharan African countries and South American countries.

Yenigün said, “Turkish contractors are leaders within the international sector with their capacities, quality and KNOW-HOW. When financing is provided, our market share in the new markets will increase significantly.”

TMB President Mithat Yenigün stated that new opportunities in Saudi Arabia and Iran would also be evaluated.

Turkey a Leader of the Construction Sector in the Whole World
Turkey a Leader of the Construction Sector in the Whole World

The Board of Directors of the Contractors’ Association of Turkey came together with the Ankara representatives of the national media and certain columnists and correspondents. The construction sector, overseas contracting services, the position in the international markets and the Turkish economy were discussed at the meeting which was held at the TMB Head Office building.

President Mithat Yenigün, who made a reminder that the Contractors’ Association of Turkey would be celebrating its 64th anniversary next week, said, “We have 142 members when compared to 300 thousand contractors in Turkey, and our members perform 70 percent of the infrastructure construction undertaking work domestically and more than 90 percent of those overseas.”

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Mithat Yenigün, the President of the Contractors’ Association of Turkey, made the following statements:

TURKEY IS THE LEADER OF THE COSTRUCTION SECTOR IN THE WHOLE WORLD: The total value of the 8 thousand 662 projects undertaken in 107 countries by Turkish contractor companies, between 1972 and the end of 2015, has reached 322 billion US Dollars. Making our mark on the world market and being in second place in the world behind China for 8 years is a source of great pride for us.

Emre Aykar, Deputy President of the TMB
Emre Aykar, Deputy President of the TMB

THERE IS A TURK AT THE HEAD OF THE CONTRACTORS OF THE WORLD: The Turkish construction sector continues to increase its effectiveness in the international arena, at pace. Our Deputy President of the TMB, Emre Aykar, has been working successfully as the head of CICA, the highest representative organ of the world construction sector, for more than a year.

WE ARE THE BRAND WHICH IS SOUGHT IN THE WORLD: The perception of Turkish contractors in the international arena has reached a very good point. Our members are continuing their activities on a global scale, not just in the areas of construction and contracting work, but in a wide range of fields from the manufacturing of building materials to the energy, tourism, health and communications sectors. Indeed, they are now in these fields as investors and employers.

AVERAGE PROJECT SIZE IS 125 MILLION DOLLARS: The size of the work obtained overseas has grown. The average project size has reached 125 million Dollars.

WE WILL CARRY TURKEY EVEN FURTHER FORWARD WITH THE SUPPORT OF THE NEW GOVERNMENT: In the new period which has begun following the election, we will continue to do what is required of us as the locomotive sector of Turkey. We will endeavor even harder to increase the effectiveness of the Turkish construction sector in the world, even further. We will carry the Turkish economy even further forward with the support of our new government.

30 PERCENT CONTRIBUTION TO THE ECONOMY, 2 MILLION JOBS: The construction sector, which constitutes 6% of GDP on average, and which provides employment to close to 2 million people, plays a very important role in the development of Turkey. When its direct and indirect effects on the other sectors are taken into account too, the contribution of the construction sector reaches around 30%.

OUR PROBLEMS IN LIBYA, IRAQ AND RUSSIA ARE CONTINUING: Turkish contracting companies have been facing many serious problems due to the developments which have emerged in Libya, Iraq and the Russian Federation, which are their traditional markets. It is considered that our companies will need to continue their activities in the Middle East, Central Asia and certain North African countries, in the coming period, increase their activities in markets which carry potential, such as the Sub-Saharan African countries, and enter new markets, such as the South American countries, in order for the sector to be able to continue its present performance.

WE ARE A DYNAMIC SECTOR, WE HAVE NOT GIVEN UP, WE ARE HOPEFUL: As the Contractors’ Association of Turkey, we will never give in, despite the negative developments in Russia, Iraq, Libya, our region and the whole world. We are determined to find new markets and increase our contract amounts yet further. Our quest is continuing throughout the whole world, with the support of our government and ambassadors.

OUR MARKET SHARE WILL INCREASE SIGNIFICANTLY WHEN THE FINANCING ISSUE IS RESOLVED, WE WILL SURPASS CHINA IN SOME REGIONS: With the experience they have accumulated over many years, Turkish contractors are not having difficulty finding new markets. They are at or near the top among the international competition, in terms of capacity, quality and know-how, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa and South America, where we have turned our focus to in the recent years. The most important matter for Turkish contractors to be able to challenge the leaders of the sector – China – is financing. Discussions and work directed at cooperation is continuing with Turkish Eximbank, all foreign Eximbanks, including the USA, all development banks and foreign funds, with the support of  our government, for the resolution of the matter of financing, in a proactive manner. The sector will become stronger much faster as and when these are concluded.

NEW CONTRACTS ARE BEING SIGNED WITH THE CONGO, GHANA AND CAMEROON: Contracts have recently started to be signed with the Congo, Ghana and Cameroon, among the new markets. We have sent a team to Mozambique. They were very successful. Now one of our teams is preparing to go to the Congo.

PRESIDENTIAL SUPPORT IN THE CHILE, PERU AND ECUADOR MARKETS: Discussions are continuing with numerous countries in South America, within the framework of our search for new markets. We will take part in a visit to Chile, Peru and Ecuador, as TMB, with the President, on 1 February, and in March, there will be a visit to Chile, Peru and Colombia with the Ministry for the Economy.

Turkish Real Estate Focus on Iran
Iran City Center

IRAN IS A GREAT POTENTIAL: A population of 80 million has been under embargoes for 35 years. There is a lot of work to do. Recently there have been meetings to build 7 refineries at the same time. We are placing great importance in the Iranian market. 

600 BILLION DOLLARS IN SAUDI ARABIA: The Saudis had recently announced that they would undertake 600 billion dollars of work in the country. A significant share can be obtained from this cake, thanks to the close relationships of the government. There is talk of 2 million properties being built by TOKİ and Emlak Konut.

THE SITUATION IN LIBYA MAY TURN TOWARDS POSITIVE IN 2016: Libya is still not in a position where any work can be carried out. The uncertainty is continuing. However, in the latest meeting, which was also attended by our ambassador, the perception that the negative direction things are going in may give way to positive developments in 2016, was conveyed.

THERE IS A LOT OF WORK IN CYPRUS: There is a lot of work to do in Cyprus following a solution. There are places which have been left idle for a long time. There may be moves in the tourism sector. Many countries in the Mediterranean are searching for natural gas. The shortest route which will ensure that the natural gas will reach Europe is to build a pipeline across Turkey. A potential of 20-30 billion Euros can be evaluated in Maraş on its own. As the contractors of Turkey, we can relay the experience we have accumulated in the international arena, and ensure, all together, that Cyprus develops. Entering into cooperation with a country which is both geographically and spiritually close to us, is something that should have already been done in any case.

Eurasia Tunnel Project

HUGE PROJECTS TO BE BROUGHT TO LIFE ABROAD: The construction of large scale projects, such as the Eurasian Tunnel, the Gebze – Izmir Highway, the 3rd Bridge and the 3rd Airport, are continuing among the infrastructure investments which are being undertaken with a public – private partnership, and almost all of which are being carried out by our members.

Infrastructure investments are expected to continue in the coming period also, with the harbor, fast train, metro and highway projects. Additionally, it is considered that the integrated health campuses and hospital projects, the urban transformation process and the sales of residential properties, which are continuing, will continue to bring dynamism to the domestic market.

WE HAVE PRESENTED OUR PROPOSALS FOR A SOLUTION WITH THE CONSTRUCTION SECTOR DECLARATION: We presented a 10 article Construction Sector Declaration for the information of the public, on 26 November 2014. With this declaration, we presented the problems related to the sector, and put forwards recommendations for a solution, in areas which interest every section of society, such as infrastructure, urban transformation, urbanization, occupational health and safety and the concept of sustainable building work, from the aspect of both domestic and overseas projects. The Prime Minister has emphasized that they have accepted the “Construction Sector Declaration”, which presents recommendations for a solution to all of the problems of the sector, as a “Government Declaration”.


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