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Turkish Contractors’ Agreement with Iran

Turkish Contractors' Agreement with Iran
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Ali Reza Bikdeli
Ali Reza Bikdeli

Ali Reza Bikdeli, who said that he had been encouraging the representatives of the private sector in Turkey to go and see Iran at close hand for the last 1.5 years, has made a call on Turkish businessmen, saying that they need to ‘hurry up’ following the lifting of the sanctions. Bikdeli said, “Your country has big advantages for economic cooperation with Iran. You need to take action as soon as possible and not lose out to the big markets. At the moment, there is still caution in the Turkish private sector concerning the Iranian market. The duty falls to the Turkish authorities. They need to help them to act courageously in the Iranian market.” Bikdeli stated that a 30-35 billion dollar commercial target is a figure which is achievable with Turkey, making a reminder that 23 billion dollars had been seen during the period of the sanctions. Bikdeli said,

We achieved such a record. If we were to review the development plans of Iran and Turkey for 2023 and 2025, it is not possible to achieve these figures. We have substantially obtained the commercial infrastructure needed from the state. We are moving with fast steps to the 30 billion dollar target, using all of these capacities. The most important axis of the commercial relationships between Iran and Turkey is energy. 15 billion dollars of trade may be possible.

Ambassador Bikdeli referred to the arbitration, where Turkey won a discount in natural gas, and said, “Happily, a result was reached in arbitration in the last few days. In the future, our cooperation between the two countries in the fields of energy will grow even more quickly in the areas of natural gas, oil and renewable energy.”

The first construction agreement

IranBikdeli, the Iranian Ambassador to Ankara, gave a farewell reception to journalists the other night, due to his period of duty coming to an end. Bikdeli, who underlined that the relationship between the two countries was important, stated that it would be possible for Iran to greatly develop its relationship with the EU, through Turkey. Bikdeli, the Iranian Ambassador to Ankara, said as follows, “It has not taken place as yet. Many Turkish companies and Turkish commercial structures have already independently gone and begun their activities. The Turkish contractor companies have entered into their first agreements in Iran following the sanctions. The building of the project will cost 900 million dollars.” Bikdeli, who stated that the calendar for the mutual visits between Turkey and Iran had yet to be finalized, said as follows concerning the meetings which were planned for the first six months: “Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu will go to Tehran, and Caved Zarif, the Iranian Foreign Minister will visit Turkey. The 25th meeting of the Joint Economic Commission (KEK) will be held in Ankara, and the 3rd meeting of the High Level Strategic Cooperation agreement will be held in the presence of the Presidents of both countries, in Ankara.”

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