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Turkish Lira Lost Value, Foreign Investors Won

Fall in Interest Rates Pertinent, Property Purchases to Rise
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Foreign investors paid an average of 149,000 USD in Turkey per house in 2018

Cities with highest real estate purchase


39.663 houses were sold to foreign investors in 2018 in Turkey, while sales revenue was 5.9 billion USD.
The average value of housing purchased by foreign investors approached 149.000 USD.

The number of residential sales to foreigners increased by 78.3 percent in 2018 compared to the previous year and rose to 39 thousand 663, but sales revenue did not increase at the same rate.

The depreciation of Turkish lira had an impact on the increase in sales numbers

Average sales prices declined despite the increase in sales numbers. The average housing prices were 250.000 USD in 2013, 228.000 USD in 2014, 182.000 USD in 2015, 213.000 USD in 2016, 206.000 USD in 2017 and 149.000 USD in 2018.

Rising exchange rates had a significant impact on the decline in average sales price.

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