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Turkish Passport with Commercial Investment in Istanbul

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There is a great interest from foreign investors to commercial properties in Turkey

Foreign investors who invest at least 250,000 USD real estate from Turkey can be directly Turkish citizen. This arrangement has increased the number of foreign investors who bought property in Turkey.

Great interest in commercial real estate

Foreign investors who wants Turkish passport but not just residency, now began to buy commercial real estate from Turkey to establish business. There are different types of commercial properties especially in Istanbul.

Bahcekent Flora commercial unit

This property offers the opportunity to apply for direct citizenship. Bahcekent Flora is an Emlak Konut Reit project and located in the new center of Istanbul, close to the new international airport.

Turkish passport with commercial investment in istanbul

This property can be purchased with 299.000 TL down payment and 110 months installment.

The most attractive part is that it is delivered immediately. In other words, the person who buys can pay his / her installment while he / she can start a new business or rent it out immediately.


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