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Turkish Real Estate Sector Focus on Iran

Turkish Real Estate Focus on Iran
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The lifting of the sanctions being implemented against Iran has also caused excitement in the Turkish real estate sector. Representatives from the sector, who have stated that they have placed the Iranian market on their radar, said,

We can use our know-how in this new market.

İnanç Kabadayı, Ege Yapı Group
İnanç Kabadayı, Ege Yapı Group

While the lifting of the economic sanctions implemented by Western states against Iran at the weekend has opened a new page in terms of the re-integration of Iran into the global economy, the Turkish real estate sector has also placed Iran on its radar. Iran is expected to welcome investors from various different sectors in the next few years. However, it has a high population and is experiencing a shortfall in terms of urbanization. Important representatives from the Turkish real estate sector have emphasized that this shortfall can be resolved with the know-how of Turkish companies. İnanç Kabadayı from Ege Yapı Group, who assessed the lifting of the embargoes being implemented against Iran in the last few years, stated that there would be a gain on two fronts – both from increased activity in the Turkish property sector from the foreign investors from Iran and from the Iranian market, which they saw as a large market, and had placed the country on their radar.

İnanç Kabadayı: Iran is in our radar now

Kabadayı, who emphasized that international investors from various different sectors had turned their attentions to this market, said, “We have placed the construction sector in Iran on our radar, in a serious way. The latest situation can create opportunities both here, in terms of marketing properties, and there in terms of developing property. Turkey has reached a certain know-how in the field of property. Bringing this information to life there and exporting it are among our priorities. Iran will present serious opportunities to us in the medium term.”

Özen Kuzu: We are aware of the potential

Özen Kuzu, Kuzu Group
Özen Kuzu, Kuzu Group

Özen Kuzu from Kuzu Group, which have been building large scale real estate projects in the Iranian residential property sector since 2011, stated that the official ending of the embargoes a few days ago had meet met by a positive response throughout the whole world, and said, “I would like to emphasize that Iran possesses big potential in many different sectors.”

“The integration of Iran into the global market also brings a big opportunity for us, especially with the Turkish real estate sector having reached a considerable amount of strength.”

Önder Halisdemir: Ağaoğlu is monitoring opportunities closely

Önder Halisdemir, Ağaoğlu CEO
Önder Halisdemir, Ağaoğlu CEO

Önder Halisdemir, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ağaoğlu Group of Companies, stated that Iran possessed an important potential for the Turkish construction sector, and said, “It is a market which has been closed for a long time, and is unsaturated. There will be new residential property, office and infrastructure projects in Iran. Turkish contracting companies can rebuild Iran, which has come out of a heavy embargo. We can see that the demand structure in the residential property and real estate sector is alive, and that Iranian investors are keen on cooperation and joint investment opportunities. As Ağaoğlu, we will be monitoring the opportunities closely.”

Ömer Faruk Çelik: We will take our concept there

Ömer Faruk Çelik, Konutder
Ömer Faruk Çelik, Konutder

Ömer Faruk Çelik, the chairman of KONUTDER, emphasized that Iran had a serious potential as an untouched market, following the lifting of the embargoes, and stated that the door would be opened for investment by Iranian businessmen here, while the chances of the Turkish contractors wishing to develop properties in Iran had also risen. Çelik, who stated that Turkish property developers would offer the concept they had developed in recent years to the Iranian market, said, “Iran is a good market. There is a situation where both countries will benefit, with the support of the governments.”

Contractors’ Union: Discussions are taking place for 7 refineries

Turkish ContractorsIn the statement made by the board of directors of the Turkish Contractors’ Union, it was said that large increases were expected in the foreign investment which will flow into Iran following the lifting of the international economic sanctions. The statement said, “A population of 80 million has been under embargoes for 35 years. There is a lot of work to do. Currently, meetings are being held for the construction of 7 refineries at the same time. We are placing great importance in the Iranian market.” The statement went on as follows: “When the transformation in the fields of infrastructure, tourism and energy are taken into consideration in particular, it is expected that important opportunities will arise for Turkish contractors, who have extremely strong references from the Middle Eastern and North African regions, and it is being stated that the political developments between Iran and Turkey on this subject will be the key factor.”

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