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Turkish Real Estate Tycoon’s New Toy

Çiftlik Island
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Turkish real estate tycoon Ali Ağaoğlu has joined the list of famous people who own an island. The popular businessman has bought Çiftlik (farm) island, which he had seen and liked during the yachting trips he took during the summer, following lengthy negotiations. The businessman, who purchased the island, which also contains a castle type stone house, went there as soon as the deal was executed following lengthy negotiations. Ağaoğlu toured the island during the weekend, having plenty of photographs taken as momentoes.

Ali Ağaoğlu's island
Popular Real Estate Tycoon Ali Ağaoğlu

New toy worth around 30 million dollars

It has been learned that Ağaoğlu has asked that the house is made fit to live in as soon as possible. Çiftlik island, which is 550 meters from the shore, has a surface area of 90 thousand square meters. Electricity, telephone and water lines are present on the island, which had been put on sale for 30 million dollars a few years ago.


  •  Rahmi Koç: The island known as Koç island, situated  off Tuzla, in the Sea of Marmara.
  •  Güler Sabancı: Hakkıbey island, located opposite Cunda, in Ayvalık.
  •  Leyla Tara: Kıstak island, also known amongst the public as Donkey island, in Gökova.
  •  Dikran Masis: Tavuk (Chicken) island (Mavriya Group of Islands), 1 mile to the north of Bozcaada.
  •  Belma Simavi: Domuz (Pig) island, which is one of the famous 12 islands in Göcek.
  •  Ahmet Nazif Zorlu: Zeytin (Olive) island.
  •  Ali Dinçkök: Kaşık (Spoon) island, which is situated opposite Kınalıada, in the Sea of Marmara.
  •  Ömer Dinçkök: Apostrol island, directly opposite Gündoğan Bay in Bodrum.

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