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Tuzla Viaport Marina | A New Doping for Tuzla

Tuzla Marina
Tuzla Viaport Marina
Tuzla Viaport Marina

Tuzla Viaport Marina, which will be a favorite of both Turkey and the world, is opening in May.

The marina, which will play host to 25 million tourists a year, will be reached via an airborne railway system. Kadir Topbaş, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul, had received a promise at the launch of the project that it would be completed in 1 year. The contractor firm has kept this promise.

The summer home location of yesteryear, and the model region of low storey living – Tuzla – is presenting its population, which is expected to rise to 400 thousand, the Viaport Marina project.

Tuzla Viaport Marina ProjectThe Viaport Marina project, which has been built by Via Properties, with the contributions of the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul and the Municipality of Tuzla, is being brought to life with an investment value of 570 million liras. The project, where the 5 anchor marina concept has been adapted, has rebuilt the fishermen’s shelters, which had all but been forgotten. The project, which will also consist of social areas open to the use of the residents of Tuzla, is comprised of 150 thousand square meters of green areas, a marina with a capacity for 750 yachts, a hotel positioned on small islands and commercial units where the residents of Tuzla and yacht owners will be able to meet their needs. The green areas will cater to everyone from the age of 7 to 70, with a giant park and games areas, and Viaport Marina will also stand out with the sea hotel, which has been built for the first time in Turkey. Tuzla will also become a residential center by being freed from its industrial region, in Istanbul, where distances have become shorter with the developments in the transport network.

Coşkun Bayraktar and Şadi Yazıcı, the Mayor of Tuzla
Coşkun Bayraktar and Şadi Yazıcı, the Mayor of Tuzla

Coşkun Bayraktar, the Chairman of the Board of directors of Via Properties, who have made their name heard with the concept projects they have brought to life to-date, announced that they were very happy to develop this project, which is at world standards, and which is the first of its kind in Turkey, in Tuzla. He said, “This project will be a gift for both our local and foreign guests. The pleasure of the sea in Istanbul will be experienced in Tuzla from now on. Visitors, who will shop on top of the sea, will also be able to stay at the hotel and swim in the swimming pool, which will be created using 10 thousand square meters of sea water.”

Dr. Şadi Yazıcı, the Mayor of Tuzla, said, “We wanted Tuzla to come to mind when referring to the sea. There was a Tuzla with a Naval School and Maritime Faculty. We are protecting historic Tuzla and are endeavoring to create an area on the sea, in the region which is growing with new residential areas. A minimum of 2 thousand 500 people will be employed, gaining new employment for Tuzla.” He also stated that, with two separate metro lines and an airborne railway system reaching the region, Tuzla would begin to grow in the economic sense too.

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