Urban Transformation in Istanbul to be Discussed in All Aspects

The Urban Transformation project is planned to be the locomotive of Turkish economy within the next 20 years on account of the earthquake risk and available housing stock, however, it has not been completely understood by the public, therefore, a “Summit of Urban Transformation in All Its Aspects” has been scheduled to be held at Harbiye Military Museum on December, 7.

Urban Transformation in Istanbul to be discussed in all aspects Today

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization supports the summit; sectorial associations such as ULI, İNDER, İMSAD, İNKON, TİMFED, companies such as Teknik Yapı Holding, Şeker Finans, İnanlar İnşaat, DAP Yapı, Ege Yapı and AVEA as well as media organizations such as CNN Türk and Hürriyet Newspaper also provide their support.

A high rate of participation is expected at the summit which is of great interest to land owners, flat owners, housing and real estate developers, construction sector, construction materials sector and finance sector.

The summit will be well-attended by very esteemed speakers from the public and private sectors and universities; it will focus on and seek answers to matters such as the potential challenges of urban transformation and the way to overcome them, the contributions that urban transformation will make to the country’s economy, economic aspects of urban transformation, duties that are incumbent on land owners and flat owners, parcel unification and increase in equivalence values, which are of importance and to all sectors of society.