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Vadişehir Project | Adding Value to the Region

Vadişehir Project
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Vadişehir is the new real estate project of Başakşehir, standing out among the quality housing regions of Istanbul. This new project will create added value for the region with its new stages.

Vadişehir project making its mark on Başakşehir

Vadişehir Property Project
Vadişehir Property Project

The property project being brought to life with the partnership of the Irmak Group, Çolakoğlu Construction, Bordo Construction and Intes Construction, will give direction to the concept of the new city.

Yüksel Akgül, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vadişehir, stated that they had gained brand value for the region with Vadişehir project, and said that with the new stages in their 10 year production projections, the project would reach a number of homes which will make its mark on the region.

Akgül stated that they had realized sales of 60 percent at the Vadişehir project over a six month period, and that those who had bought homes from the project had made large profits, and added, “Sales are continuing above our expectations. As a profitable investment for its buyers, our project is putting a smile on the faces of investors. Those who have bought homes from Vadişehir project have already made high rates of profit. Vadişehir has raised prices in the region very much above all expectations.”

Numerous reasons for investors to choose Vadişehir

Yüksel Akgül, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vadişehir
Yüksel Akgül, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vadişehir

Akgül said, “Those who have chosen Başakşehir are coming here not for investment but to live here. The biggest reasons behind their choice are the life concept presented in our project, its central location and the fact that mega projects with state investment are also present in the region. Our project is located at a center surrounded by the 3rd Bridge, Canal Istanbul, the 3rd Airport, the Northern Marmara Highway and Metro, the investments for which have reached 100 billion dollars, Havaray, for which work is continuing at pace, and other giant investments. As a region, Vadişehir is situated at the center of Metro, City Park, City Hospital, schools and public areas. We are creating a neighborhood culture with a family concept in our property project. That is why, we have not included 1 beds in our property project. There is high demand from the Gulf countries. We have turned down requests for block sales. We are selling individually. Our five storey Ottoman mansions received a great deal of interest and at the moment no apartments are left in those blocks.”

Vadişehir: A 10-year-project

Akgül, who stated that he had faith in the country and its dynamics, said, “We have put together a 10-year-project, covering the years 2015 – 2025. We are developing our 550 million TL Vadişehir real estate project, comprised of 650 apartments and commercial units. Istanbul is opening from Başakşehir now. Başakşehir is selling ‘today’, while the other regions are selling the future. Başakşehir has been showing a modern and planned development for 13 years.”


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