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Vadistanbul Project to Mark Several Firsts in Turkey

Vadistanbul project to mark firsts
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Several firsts in Turkey will be realized as part of the efforts to be taken with the Vadistanbul project, which will be exemplary for the construction sector.

Vadistanbul to mark firsts
Vadistanbul is located in a green valley

Vadistanbul project, which will be built via the joint venture of Artaş Group, Aydınlı Group and Keleşoğlu İnşaat (construction), several leading brands of the Turkish construction sector, is remarkable for its architecture, amenities and location.

Vadistanbul, which has a construction area of 1 million 100 thousand sqm, will consist of terrace houses, residences, offices, shopping streets, hotels and shopping malls as well as entertainment areas.

To be developed on a land of 424 thousand sqm made up of 3 lots, Vadistanbul is going to consist of 3 different laps. The project will house 3 thousand housing units, a shopping center of 55 thousand sqm and street stores and restaurants on an area of 28 thousand sqm along a 700-meter-long street, an office space of 240 thousand sqm and 5-star and 4-star hotels with a total area of 48 thousand sqm.

Vadistanbul to have the First Private Subway of Istanbul

The first private subway of Turkey will pass through Vadistanbul as part of the project. The subway that will be built as dedicated to Vadistanbul will be connected to the urban subway network. Located in the heart of nature, Vadistanbul gains a unique feature thanks to the Sadabad Stream, which brings the clean water of the Bosphorus flowing through the project from one end to the other. The living areas to be created around the natural stream flowing through the project will offer unique joy, add color and vivacity to this area.

Vadistanbul Architecture Signed by Two Grand Names

Vadistanbul, which joins the Belgrade Forest in the north of Istanbul and Maslak termed as the hub of the city, has an investment cost of 1 billion 500 million TRY excluding the land. The cost of the first lap of the project is 300 million TRY and the targeted turnover is 2 billion 500 million USD. Sizeable investments have also been made in the architecture of Vadistanbul, which has been designed by İki Design, the award-winning architecture office from Turkey and SOM Architecture from the USA, which has undersigned world-famous projects.

To find out more about Vadistanbul, visit www.vadistanbul.com

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