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Vazo Kule (Vase Tower) | New Investment Opportunity from Dap Yapı

Vazo Kule open view
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Vazo Kule (Vase Tower), which Dap Yapı designed from an ancient Hittite vase, carries the traces of 1600 B.C.. Istanbul is gaining yet another new landmark.

Vazo Kule Dap YapıDap Yapı, the initiator of innovation in the concept of dwellings with its pioneering ideas in architecture, is designing buildings with unique architecture and concept form in every one of its projects. Vazo Kule, which has been planned in the Dragos region of the Maltepe district of Istanbul brings the unique 3 thousand year architectural heritage of the Hittite civilisation, who lived in Anatolia for centuries, to our day.

Vazo Kule project reflects the feeling of thousands of years ago

Vazo Kule Inandik VaseVazo Kule is inspired from Hittite art, and the interior design, which is consistent with the project’s external architecture blends together the past and the future. The Inandık Vase, which is one of the most important objects of Hittite art has been modernised through the concept of monumental architecture, and brought back to life at Vazo Kule. Together with the modern style, the embossments and murals belonging to the Hittite era open the door to an enchanted world for the select few who have the opportunity to experience the privilege of living here.

It is possible to see the marks of selectivity and quality everywhere from the lobbies to the corridors, and from the differing sizes of luxury residences to the A plus living spaces.

Vazo Kule in the Centre of the City

Vazo Kule is located on the lengthiest shoreline in Turkey, which begins from Fener and goes all the way to Tuzla. The project which is being developed in Maltepe Dragos, the new centre of attraction of Istanbul, ensures that you are able to benefit exceedingly well from all of the opportunities presented by the municipality, and that you are able to connect sufficiently with every area of city life due to its accessibility. Its proximity to the district of Kadıköy, Bağdat Street, and air, sea and rail routes such as the airport, the TEM and E-5 connection routes, the coastal road, the marina and the metro, give those who take the step to a new life at Vazo Kule the opportunity to utilise the advantage of location to the maximum.

“A plus” Luxury Residence

Vazo Kule possesses the luxury of a 5 star hotel, a lobby, information desk, housekeeping services, 24/7 private security, walking tracks, fitness centre, Turkish bath, indoor – outdoor 4 season swimming pool, mini shopping centre, cafeteria, restaurants, car park and a helicopter strip which opens the door to freedom.

The project which consists of 400 independent sections is made up of 300 luxury residences which are to be managed with the hotel concept, and 100 “home offices”, which are to be sold with the “Free Office” concept.

Vazo Kule to be Managed with a Hotel Concept

DAP Yapı, which has combined its strengths with the Abu Dhabi based Rotana, the largest chain of hotels in the Middle East with almost 100 hotels in 12 countries and 26 cities, playing host to 5 million guests every year, will manage the 300 independent luxury residences in the project with a hotel concept. Rotana logoThe select residences at Vazo Kule transform into “A plus” living spaces for those who wish; and for those who prefer, they can be rented within the hotel management system, and offer the opportunity for extra income. Dap Yapı, which has introduced a new approach to management to Turkey, provides a higher income to its investors through the peak of luxury and comfort, Vazo Kule, and enables the investment to pay for itself within 8 to 12 years.

Home Offices with a Free Office Concept

Vazo Kule Home Office possesses the advantages of a VIP Assistant and an Office Management System.

The VIP Assistant totally gets rid of your secretarial, assistant personnel, etc. needs, and provides you with 24/7 private assistance, back-office and concierge services at VIP quality.

And with the Office Management system, you are able to use the lobby, assistant room, meeting room, halls, etc. and an area of hundreds or thousands of square meters, at any time required by your business, by paying a contribution instead of having to buy it with a costly investment.

It is possible to work while relaxing, and relax while working in a modern office within a select project, in the very centre of an efficient and enjoyable business life, together with the privileged services provided by a luxury hotel.

Vazo Kule will always have an Open View

Vazo Kule open view
Vazo Kule overlooking the Marmara Sea

The 1 million 200 thousand square meter Maltepe Fill Area Organisation Project (the Maltepe Recreation Area) which is to be established on the Maltepe is increasing the investment value of Vazo Kule. Further, right next to the Vazo Kule project, the archaeological excavations being carried out by the Istanbul Archaeological Museum under the watchful eye of the Istanbul Museums Directorate have unearthed the remains of baths and a church from the Byzantine period. Since the excavation area is not suitable for construction, the front of view of Vazo Kule will remain unhindered by other buildings, and will retain its value for years. This area directly in front of the project will be transformed into a university and campus area.

Investment Value will Rise

The project which is located in the pilot area of the Urban Transformation project is 2 km from the largest Court House in the world which brings together 21 court houses, 10 km from Sabiha Gökçen Airport, and 5 km from the Pendik Yalova Ferry Terminal and the 1000 yacht capacity Pendik Marinturk.

The High Court of Appeal which will operate from the next parcel signals a large amount of personnel and visitor traffic in this area. There are a large number of shopping centres in the region, such as Maltepe Carrefour, Yeditepe and Neomarin, educational establishments such as the Maltepe, Yeditepe, Okan and Sabancı Universities, and the Ahmet Şimşek, Coşkun and Doğa Colleges, and medical establishments such as the Sema, Bölge (Region) and Kartal Eğitim ve Araştırma (Training and Research) Hospitals, as well as a planned exhibition and congress center.

The Dragos Maltepe region, known as the secret paradise of the elite and wealthy in the past, is also turning into a modern day centre of attraction where people are yearning to live.

To find out more information about Vazo Kule and other Dap Yapı projects, visit www.dapyapi.com.tr

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