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VIALAND | The Largest Entertainment Center in Turkey has Opened

Vialand has opened its doors
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VIALAND, the only theme park and entertainment center in Turkey, which is built on an area the size of 100 football pitches in Istanbul has opened.

Vialand opening ceremonyThe opening of VIALAND, which was built on 600 decares of land with an investment of 1 billion 150 million Turkish liras by the joint venture Gürsoy Group & Via Properties with the support of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, was performed by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The brand value of the city will increase

In his speech during the opening ceremony, Kadir Topbaş stated that VIALAND would bring something that has been missing in Istanbul, and that it would increase the brand value of the city. Topbaş said that tourism would increase, the targets for tourism would be raised, the economy and commerce would gain momentum, and that employment would rise in the region, and stated that almost a thousand people from the region had so far been employed in the building and operating of VIALAND until today.

You can find everything you are looking for at VIALAND

Vialand theme park mapVIALAND has been built on 600 decares of land – an area approximately the size of 100 football pitches in Eyüp, with an investment of 1 billion 150 million Turkish Liras. The gates to the fairy tale theme park open at the 2 thousand square meter VIALAND Castle which is situated at the entrance. The park is comprised of a ‘World of Games’, ‘World of Legends’ and ‘World of Adventure’. The ‘World of Adventure’ section consists of more than 50 activities including the Tower Ride, Rafting Ride, Splash Coaster, Jet-ski, King Kong, 360, and Curtain of Fantasy.

The Conquest has not been forgotten either

It also brings to life the old neighborhood life and culture in Istanbul with the wooden houses and their bay windows of the ‘Istanbul Streets of Once Upon A Time’. The Fatih’s Dream and Family Coaster activities which bring to life the conquest of Istanbul will be available from the beginning of July, and the Roller Coaster activity will be available at the end of the year.

Special designs for the handicapped

While some of the swings in the outdoor park are designed especially for handicapped children, the Mini Explorers, Carousel, Dream Machine, Young Miners, Happy Farm, Flying Children, Mini Tower, Bumper Cars, Hero Firemen, and Mini Racers activities have been planned with the aim of children having enjoyable moments.

Theme Hotel to be ready in 2014

The construction of VIALAND has been completed in 24 months, and contains 109 different facades and 250 outlets on its shopping streets within the 110 thousand square meters of areas which can be rented. VIALAND also consists of a 100 decare city park with a lake and walking routes, and a theme hotel will also be added in 2014. The 5-star theme hotel will contain 250 rooms, 12 private suites and family rooms.

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