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Watergarden Ataşehir to Open on 29 July

Watergarden Ataşehir to Open on 29 July
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Watergarden Istanbul, the largest center of gastronomy and entertainment in the world, is getting ready to open its doors on 29 July. The project played host to a special pre-opening party, attended by the world of business and politics.

At the press conference held before the party, Mehmet Ziylan, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ziylan Group, said,

We expect Watergarden Istanbul, which is targeting 15 million visitors a year, to contribute 300 million dollars a year to the Turkish economy.

watergarden istanbul birdview

Watergarden Istanbul, which has been brought to life by Ziylan Gayrimenkul Yatırım ve Yönetim A.Ş. (real estate investment and management), continues to welcome important guests prior to its opening on 29 July. Important names from the world and business came together at a special party hosted a couple of days ago, under the hosting of Mehmet Ziylan.

Water, music, fire, laser and light shows, as well as the first night display of the show pool, which is a first in Turkey, were performed at the party. The show, with the features of water, light, music, flames and multimedia, in the 5 thousand square meter pool, which also gives its name to Watergarden Istanbul, was watched with great interest by the guests.

A living area which will conform with the tissue of Istanbul

Mehmet Ziylan, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ziylan Group, held a press conference before the party. Mehmet Ziylan stated that they had brought to life a different and special center of life, which would bring a new and distinctive breath of fresh air to the social life of Istanbul, and which plays host to numerous firsts, with Watergarden and said, “Watergarden will be a center of gastronomy and entertainment, which will be clearly distinctive from the existing centers, not just in Ataşehir or the Anatolian side, but the whole of Istanbul.” Ziylan said, “We are building a center of life, which will add value to the region and to Istanbul, alongside the existing structures in Ataşehir. Our aim is to present a living area which conforms with the tissue of Istanbul, with its greenery, water texture, show pool and city park as well as its different, nostalgic and authentic eating and drinking locations, to serve the residents of Istanbul, as well as domestic and foreign tourists.

Watergarden Istanbul Unique Show Pool

The show pool, which is established on a 5 thousand square meter area of land at the heart of Watergarden Istanbul, possesses the characteristic of being the “largest and most developed” show pool within a living center in Europe. Impressive shows, accompanies by water, music, laser, fire and unique choreography, are getting ready to meet with the visitors at the show pool, in Watergarden Istanbul. The construction of the Watergarden show pool was undertaken by the company OASE from Germany, while important companies from Germany, Singapore and Britain are continuing their activities in connection with the creative work of the show pool.

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15 thousand square meter City Park

A 15 thousand square meter City Park, containing a rope track, adventure park, skate park, children’s park and a wide variety of plants and trees, is also being created in Watergarden Istanbul. The park, which has been positioned as a lush green area, and which will cover half of the outdoor areas, is also a candidate for being the oxygen tank of the region, with its wide variety of plants.

Watergarden Gastronomy Center

Watergarden Istanbul, which has been designed as a center of gastronomy and entertainment, will include unique flavors from the Turkish and world cuisines, the first addresses of traditional authentic local flavors from every corner of Turkey, brands which will be coming to Anatolia for the first time, and the most special taste points of the most popular brands. Every meal will turn into a unique feast with the airiness of the water and the brilliance of the shows, at the restaurants, bistros, cafeterias and food court, each of which has been positioned around the magnificent show pool.

Watergarden Nostalgia Street

Flavors with a history of a minimum of 50 years will be able to be found on Nostalgia Street, as well as the brands which include food and drink from every region, which are still being consumed with pleasure today. The flavors, which are always on our palate, and the culture of Turkish food, with its hidden kitchens, will live on, in Nostalgia Street.

watergarden istanbul nostalgia street

Watergarden Organic Market

The Organic Market, which has been planned by setting off from the swiftly growing trend of healthy living in the world, and the increase in demand for natural products, will remain open seven days a week. The Organic Market, where the freshest local products will be found, will be a brand new address for those who have forgotten the taste of tomatoes and the smell of cucumbers.

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The new address of entertainment

Watergarden Istanbul, which is to be located in Ataşehir, will also consist of a cinema complex with 10 lounges, a 4000 person event area, where local and foreign artists, groups and orchestras will take the stage, and which will also be able to be used as an open air cinema, a theatre hall, entertainment clubs, a school of culinary arts which will serve children and adults, a sports center, children’s playground and crèche.

Ataşehir – a unique location

Watergarden Istanbul is located next to the International Finance Center, in Ataşehir, the most modern and populated region of Istanbul. It will offer millions of Istanbul residents and local and foreign tourists, an unequalled experience. Watergarden Istanbul is positioned within primary coverage zone of 1 million and the secondary coverage zone of 2 million residents of Istanbul. The Ataşehir region stands out with its young population and medium and high levels of income. The level of education in the region is mostly comprised of university graduates.


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