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“We have Built Monstrosities in Istanbul”

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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has opened the Fethiye – Hasan Gümüşdağ Mosque in Küçükçekmece, which has been built in the name of the parents of Göksel Gümüşdağ, the Chairman of the Association of Football Clubs and the Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul.

Erdoğan spoke as follows at the opening of the Fethiye – Hasan Gümüşdağ Mosque in Istanbul:

We have made many mistakes in Istanbul. We have built monstrosities and we have done wrong to the beauty of Istanbul with these monstrous buildings.

“Let us structure and organize these areas. Let us carry out an urban transformation together with the zoning plans. The fire service are unable to go into places when there is a fire. If there is an earthquake, there are buildings which are unable to withstand the earthquake. Let us demolish these now, so that we can build ones which can withstand the earthquake. We are faced with opposition on this. I am saying this as the president. A friend will tell you the bitter truth. I want us to do this before we suffer any hurt.”

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