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We Must Work to Attract Premium Investments

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Presidential Investment Office Chief Arda Ermut said “We have to improve the investment projects in Turkey”

Regions for Big Profits in Property

Presidential Investment Office Chief Arda Ermut, speaking at International real estate exhibition MIPIM held in Cannes, said that “efforts were made to introduce the investment environment and to pave the way for investors coming to Turkey.”

“While we have attracted a total investment of 15 billion dollars by 2002, we have attracted about 209 billion dollars from 2002 until today. We have started to attract investments with our country’s geographical location and the young population as well as with the correct regulations and political stability.” Ermut continued.

Investments for real estate are increasing

Presidential Investment Office Chief Arda Ermut

“We are in a period where uncertainty in the world is increasing, general direct investments are going down and investors are cautious. Investments in the world for the last 3 years have been moving downwards and fell to $ 1.2 trillion in 2018. Of the $ 209 billion in the last 16 years, approximately 55 billion dollars came from real estate and related sectors. As the construction sector is important in the economy, real estate investments have a significant place in direct investments. While investments in the world have been decreasing for the last 3 years.”

“While we are increasing investments in production and value-added areas, we must work to protect our advantage in such sectors, to better underline our brand and to attract premium investments to our country” Ermut completed.


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