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What has Turkey Gained with Campaigns?

What has Turkey Gained with Campaigns?
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Onur Yılmaz
Onur Yılmaz

Turkey first of all experienced a great shock immediately after the attempted coup on 15 July. Yet not long – just a few years ago – it had been a candidate country for the 2016 Olympics. Everyone rightly thought that having a coup in our country instead of the Olympics would take our country back many years. How could this happen in such a period?

Before long, it was realized that this was not a coup which would take the country back many years, but a treacherous attempt which would result in an increase in unity and solidarity and the country closing ranks. First of all, messages of conciliation started to come from politicians. Everyone started to accept their responsibilities and give the signals of unity and fraternity we have been longing for, for many years.

Of course, these responsibilities will be accounted for and in the coming period the national will, will once again draw the route of the country in line with this. However, now is the time to learn from what has happened and to turn this into gains for the country.

Emlak Konut and GYODER campaigns activated the sector

Immediately after this, the measures to ensure stability and keep the economy on its feet began to be discussed. The first attack came from the real estate sector in this tough period being experienced by the country, with Emlak Konut GYO starting a very important campaign with low deposits and low credit interest rates over a long term in its projects.

GYODER also stated that they were supporting this sales campaign of Emlak Konut, announcing that it was offering more than 56 thousand residential properties and 3 thousand 200 offices in a total of 86 projects of 39 companies, for sale with 20 percent deposit and an interest rate of 0,70 percent.

All of these campaigns activated the sector in a short time, giving signals that as of the end of the year, the number of sales of residential properties would not be less than last year. There was a demand which had been waiting for some time, and 1.500 residential properties were sold in one week.

Banks reacted positively to the campaigns

This joint movement for development, which began with the real estate sector, received a response from the finance sector shortly afterwards, with banks starting to reduce interest rates, one by one. It can be seen that even more banks participate in this rush and that interest rates will fall even further.

Of course, what was important here was to continue the dynamism in the economy. Even if there have been criticisms that the “companies have added these costs on to the prices”, this is still an important development for people to come out of their shell and for everyone to support the economy and employment even if it is indirectly.

However, the real important gain here has been the confidence shown in the country by people. We hope that this confidence is also felt among foreign investors in the near future. Indeed, Aziz Torun, the president of GYODER, has emphasized that they will continue to promote Turkey in various exhibitions and events overseas.

A report outlining the steps to be taken has been sent

We recently prepared a report covering the measures which need to be taken in the sales of residential properties to foreign nationals in Turkey. This report was sent to the Prime minister as well as the relevant institutions by GYODER. This report handles all of the duties and responsibilities of everyone, especially the state and the NGOs, separately. It is very important to actively undertake effective lobbying activities in order to be able to break the negative perceptions abroad, in the coming period.

We are a nation which believes in and attaches great importance to proverbs. Proverbs are the accumulations of life experiences which have continued for years. It is said that “one calamity is better than one-thousand warnings”. Our country has suffered a calamity. However, this will ensure that we come out of this period even stronger. People will display their confidence in their country. This will also be reflected abroad. We hope that incentives and investments will continue, and that there will be no redundancies.
The biggest gain from the campaigns will not be that properties are being sold – it will be that people have displayed their confidence and trust in their country.

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