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Where have Residential Property Prices Increased Most?

Where have Residential Property Prices Increased Most

Real estate values are rising in Turkey, from day to day. The producers of quality residential property projects are adding value to the locations they invest in, while the price increases in some of the cities and districts, which are popular among investors, are continuing without slowing down.

According to the REIDIN Property Index Report for the Month of May, Muğla is leading the way with a 2.33 percent increase, in a study which covers 62 cities and 221 districts. Muğla is being followed by the cities of Çanakkale and Afyonkarahisar, respectively. Real estate experts are of the opinion that the fact that summer and touristic regions have started to become more prominent has had an impact in the rise in prices, in Muğla particularly.

Ordu leads the way in rents

Another of the points which stands out in the index is the increase in rental values. Rents have risen by the most in the city of Ordu, on a month to month basis. The percentage here was 2,26. The cities of Isparta and Van were also among the leaders following Ordu, in terms of increases in rental prices.

Ordu, Turkey
Ordu, Turkey

Those who invested in the Anatolian side have profited

While the real estate projects standing out from among the close to one thousand branded residential property projects in Istanbul are the ones which are in close proximity to the main arteries, those who chose the Anatolian side have made bigger profits. According to the REIDIN Property Index Report for the Month of May, the value of the residential property projects being built on the Anatolian side are 8,8 percent higher than those being built on the European side. It can be said that Sancaktepe, Üsküdar, Ataşehir and Kartal are at the top in terms of increases in project values, on the Anatolian side. DAP Yapı, DKY İnşaat, Dumankaya İnşaat, Ege Yapı Grup, Dağ Mühendislik, Sinpaş Yapı, Kiler GYO and İş GYO are the leading companies which are building residential properties in these regions. On the other hand, the leading companies among those building residential property projects on the European side, which remains one step behind the Anatolian side, include SİNPAŞ GYO, Ağaoğlu, Dumankaya İnşaat, SOYAK, Cihan İnşaat, Gül Yapı and Makro İnşaat.

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