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Why 35th street (35. Sokak)?

Nova Property

There is a street that has left a mark on everyone’s memory. Streets where foundations of sharing in life are built, where permanent friendships are formed and where joyful days as well as what is present and what is missing are shared…


Streets with the smell of cinnamon under the shades of olive trees, where plums and tangerines are taken from a tree in a neighbor’s backyard…

Streets where children, their cheeks rosy with exertion, chat in front of their bikes against the wall and where the only uproar is started when a pot of geraniums on a neighbor’s windowsill is overthrown by a child’s ball…

Streets with the smell of warm homemade cookies and freshly grounded coffee… Streets where the sound of dice in a backgammon game is mixed with joyful laughter, where anxious moms are running after their toddlers walking with insecure steps… Streets where hopscotch games are drawn with chalk on sidewalks and where young men and women are exchanging shy looks, where hearts are drawn on walls… So what about today? We’re stuck in cold and tall buildings while life is passing by, aren’t we? We are having difficulties making decisions about our expectations for the future.

Here is the 35th Street Project: It develops as a brave idea that will allow us to link our dreams of an independent life with our memories on a two kilometre long street (yes exactly two kilometres!). A street that is suitable to Izmir’s life style, where a real green life will be experienced generously in an environmentally friendly and responsible place.

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