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Wonderland Eurasia to be Opened Soon


There is little time left to the opening of Europe’s largest Theme Park Wonderland Eurasia


Eurasia’s Wonderland General Manager Cem Uzan said, “The park is on 1 million 300 thousand square meters, and with entertainment areas it is one of the largest theme parks in Europe and Asia. With food courts, play tents, movie theaters, dinosaur forest and museum and 14 giant roller costers, there is a total of 2.117 entertainment units.”

Theme Park will serve in accordance with summer and winter conditions with 110 thousand square meters indoor and 1 million 190 thousand square meters open area.


5 million visitors per year

Nearly 300 thousand visitors are expected from Europe, Middle East, Russia and China for the first year. Theme Park will have significant contribution to domestic and foreign tourism with 5 million visitors annually.


Concerts of famous artists

Following the opening of Wonderland Eurasia, the park will also host cultural and artistic events. Between 23 April and 5 May, many famous artists will give concerts. The entrance fee of the park will be 25 TL. 5tl of this fee will be taken for entry and visitors will use the units with the remaining 20 tl.

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