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Yalova Thermal Pleasure for 12 Months

Yalova Thermal Pleasure for 12 Months
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The first phase of Yalova Thermal Palace Resort, the biggest investment of the Karaderili Group of Companies, has been completed. The project, has been labeled as the vision project of the group, which set off with its 20 years’ of experience in fields such as hotels and time share. The first phase – the apart hotel and time share phase – of the Yalova Thermal Palace project, which is being built in 3 stages, in Akköy, in the Termal district of the city of Yalova, has been completed.

Orhan Karaderili, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Karaderili Group, said, “We will have opened for service the whole of the 5 star thermal tourism complex, with a 2.200 bed capacity, for Yalova, in the first quarter of 2017. We have set up 15 separate sales offices in Europe, the Turkish Republics and the Middle East, specifically to market the hotel for 2017. We have given the start for next year. We are aiming to present Yalova to the whole world, and play host to 700 thousand foreign tourists, thanks to these sales offices. We want to introduce the healing waters of Turkey – its natural treasure – to the whole world.”

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Yalova is the front garden of Istanbul

Karaderili, who stated that they had met the need for meeting and convention halls, which was the biggest need of Yalova, with this investment, said, “There will be 4 separate meeting and convention halls at Yalova Thermal Palace. The largest hall has a capacity of one thousand 600. We will bring together institutional companies with the thermal waters, through these halls, and provide professional services to them. This will put an end to the idle capacity during the week, which is the biggest problem faced in tourism in Yalova.” Orhan Karaderili stated that they had set off with 20 years’ worth of experience, and emphasized that with the completion of the Resort section, which is the second and third stages, they would be providing employment to at least 500 more people in Yalova, that their current number of employees was 300, and that by making all of their purchases from Yalova, they were contributing to the economy of the region.

Karaderili stated that everyone had sniffed at the idea when they had decided to invest in Yalova, and said, “Now, those who see our investment are questioning why they did not think about investing here. I can boast to those who are undertaking thermal investments in other cities, that the capital of thermal is the Termal district of Yalova.”

We are taking on Antalya as our competition. We invite investors to Yalova

Karaderili added that he expected Yalova to be a paradise of tourism within a maximum of 10 years, and that they were inviting professional tourism investors to Yalova because of this, and said, “Yalova will benefit as more investors like us come here, and as more 5 star resorts and convention halls, etc. are opened. It will be a big destination. We will act in unity to promote the city when our competitors come here. We can establish serious marketing funds for this, take part in domestic and international exhibitions, and promote Yalova together.” Karaderili added, “I am continuously considering what more can we do for Yalova, and what more we can contribute. We could be in a position to host 1 million tourists in 10 years time. We are taking on Antalya as our competition.”


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