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Yenimoda Residences by Eroglu

Yenimoda Residences
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Waking up and greeting the sea is the best way to start a day. Everybody dreams of a place to live where they can find good friends, enjoy the nature and peace.

And you always dream these by the sea.

For example, a simple tea tastes different by the sea. Gives an excellent pleasure to those who love it.

People in Istanbul love the sea but always troubled by its traffic. Who doesn’t want to spend that time with their children or just watching the sea from their residence or terrace instead of spending it in traffic?

Yenimoda Residences

For Yenimoda Residents, spending time with their children, family, friends and also with themselves or because of the nearby shopping centers, spending less time for shopping and at the same time enjoying a beautiful town by the sea is not a dream.

All your dreams and hobbies will come true with the Yenimoda Residences. Surfing, sailing, fishing.. You can be at home in 5 minutes after sports in weekdays and can spend all weekend swimming in the pool with your children.

Yenimoda residences are close to almost everything. Time goes by slowly in here. It’s almost like you can reach the sunset or dance with the stars at night.
There are a lot of surprises waiting for you in Yenimoda residences, Albatros, Buyukcekmece.

You have a place in Yenimoda Residences where, staying indoors is even more fun.

Of course if you act swiftly!

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