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Yorum Maslak Project is Raised by Yorum Construction

Yorum Maslak by Yorum Construction
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Yorum Maslak project which made its debut in MIPIM Fair held in Cannes, France consists of 1,650 apartments in total.

Yorum Maslak by Yorum ConstructionYorum Construction will realize a brand new project with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The name of the project was specified as Yorum Maslak. The company debuted its Sarıyer Derbent Urban Transformation Project in MIPIM Fair held in Cannes, France between 12 – 15 March. The area of the first leg in the project was determined as 126,000 square meters, the second as 56,000 square meters, and the third as 288,000 square meters.

In addition to the saleable residences generated by the company under urban transformation, the current residents in the region will be delivered brand new houses as well. The project will involve types of residences ranging from the options of 2+1 to 6+1. Yorum Maslak project will consist of residences ranging from 75 square meters to 350 square meters.

Kadir Topbaş emphasized the importance of urban transformation as well as indicating that the project is crucial to the region. Furthermore, Topbaş communicated that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality supports the project.

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